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Shoulder Straps

My kit had two styles of shoulder straps and the details are incredibly sharp and precise.
The first set is the ribbed style and the front and back lower edges were actually different sizes, keeping with the original versions.
The second set was new, something they developed for use as a Sandy. They're smooth, no ribbing, and look wonderful.

These are difficult to photograph as the glossy finished tended to reflect most of the light. The plastic is a very bright white, ultra glossy, but some photos are just a tiny bit off
in coloring.

The 501st does  not officially recognize the smooth, Sandtrooper shoulder straps
as being acceptable or canon. Of course, the reality of the costume is that without the straps
the armor looks absolutely incomplete and no one likes to see that region of the upper torso so
boldly exposed. I understand that backpack straps should cover this region which explains why
straps were not used in the film, but in making live appearances, the reality is that you
need to appear professional and complete and true soldiers never leave such a region vulnerable. 

The photo above shows how the ribbed straps are just slightly different from the front to back.

The straps in the photo below are the Sandy-style straps.

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