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How Much Should You Pay?

Tough question? No, not really.

After seeing the majority of kits produced by any number of builders, I've found that prices range from $480.00 to $1800.00. Yes, it's a massive variation and I'd like to say that the higher the price the better the suit, but sadly, that's just not the case.

The higher the price, I've found, merely means the builder has an incredibly high profit margin. As I said earlier, it's only plastic, nothing magic or mystical going on here.

The labor involved in trimming can be quite extensive, which is why most builders pack untrimmed, rough cut pieces into a box and off it goes to the post office. Some don't even bother to wrap the pieces and they arrive scuffed and scratched and in many cases, cracked. You see, it's the little details which really proves who cares and works the hardest to deliver a quality product.

The old adage that 'If a deal looks too good to be true, it probably is' can certainly be applied to fan armor, but don't be too quick to judge.

I strongly recommend seeing the kit first, feeling the ABS, examine the edges, the thickness, the clarity and gloss of the finish and the close-up details of the
formed pieces. Go to an armor party within your garrison or region and check out a kit from each of the many, many builders. Don't be too quick
to think you know everything, you probably don't. If there isn't a suit there from a specific builder, ask around and find one.
Don't listen to the so-called experts, who, in reality, are not professional plastic formers.

Always remember, the thinner the plastic, the sharper the details will be and this is exactly why most builders use styrene or very thin, inexpensive, off-the-shelf ABS. A professional former will be able to capture and keep the beautifully sharp details of the professional tooling, but the thicker the plastic, the larger the radius will be on the
edges and details. This, however, is barely noticeable if done correctly, but thicker plastic is more difficult to form and does require larger,
more powerful machines.

On eBay it's pretty frightening as many sellers post photos of higher quality suits and what arrives in the mail is something very different. Good luck getting your money back.

As I said on a different page, I personally do not care for forums. God forbid someone posts something positive about a builder who isn't active on the forum or isn't liked by other
builders. It's like children on a playground tossing dirt clods at one another, everyone claiming to be an expert or the masterful guru of all things armor. I really can't stand it, guess I'm used to dealing with a slightly more professional crowd. I was actually told by many not to buy this suit! Can you believe that? It's true! I found many builders actually coercing some forum operators to not recommend this amazing kit, placing it on their 'do not purchase list'. It's purely self-preservation on their behalf.

Do your homework, but not necessarily on the internet.

Many people buy a kit from a specific builder, never seeing a professional suit like the one shown on this site and based upon their
obscure purchase, they're suddenly advocates of that specific builder, claiming them to be the best. Without a full and proper basis for comparison,
they're not in any place to judge or give recommendations except on that specific kit. They cannot discredit another suit until they
hold it in their hands and carefully examine every single details.

I read a very poorly researched article written by a person who was supposed to be knowledgeable about armor, but sadly,
their knowledge was solely based upon internet gossip, photos and talking to garage builders, crowing about their own products.
The writer never bothered to visit each and every builder, he never examined their material, their machines, their production tools (molds)
or their production facilities. If you don't taste every entry into a pie baking contest, how can honestly reward the best or make a
true recommendation as to whose is the superior product. This article I read was pure hyperboly.

I have found that a high quality kit, trimmed and ready to assemble should cost between $530.00 to $650.00



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