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Helmet Side Covers

3rd Edition

The helmet side covers have been revised from their original configuration and I was extremely pleased
with them. In the following photos you'll see the revised helmet side covers which are slightly taller than the original version included in the kit.

This version is slightly taller and the stems of both pieces are thinner, reflecting the more delicate nature of the original sculpts.

I would like to add that I have never seen such nicely formed details in any similar part.

The helmet side covers for the most recent upgraded kit came trimmed as shown!

If you would like to see comparison photos of the earlier edition, please click here.

The right helmet side cover is on your left and left side cover is appropriately on your right.
You can see here, and in the following photos, how the stems of both pieces
have been thinned slightly and also made longer.

Below are a series of photos showing the helmet side covers prior to being trimmed. 

Here you can see how the parts are formed on taller molds, this allows for
the builder to custom fit the parts, creating a much more professional looking finished helmet.

The photo above and below display the clean, crisp details of the molds
and nicely shows how the centered, raised round region of the pieces are much more refined
than others.

The taller molds created an excess of material on the lower edge of the part where it wraps around
the lower tubes of the helmet. They can be cut anywhere the builder prefers and cleanly tucked inside
the helmet black rubber trim.

These are inside views of the parts.
The photo above and below display exactly how strong the forming equipment is which produces these highly
detailed parts. Keep in mind these are produced using an extremely strong .090 acrylic capped ABS plastic.
Even with this thick plastic, the details are outstanding!

The tiny dimples seen above and below the ribbed rectangular region are there as an indicator
of where to drill for the screw holes.

Another view of the inside views of the parts. Here you can see the crisp lines and sharp details.

Another image of the final helmet side covers, inside view of the stems.




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