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Sculpt References

Below are two photos, both showing the French clay sculpt or master and an extremely old resin helmet
which was apparently taken from alleged screen used helmet.

The resin helmet is probably 15 to 18 years old and has been part of a collection for just that long.  The source was long forgotten but still, it's a very unique
collectible but certainly nothing which could be worn or utilized.

It is commonly called the 'smashed tube' helmet as
the lower side tubes are somewhat crushed and are not very attractive.

In comparing the two, the variations are very, very slight, if any exist at all. The French clay sculpt was clearly sculpted to be a master, from which a hard cast
could be created then utilized to created either a 'stunt' or 'hero' helmet with only a minor bit of additional work. The resin helmet appears to have been used as a reference only, as the resin helmet is one solid piece, hollow within, but cannot be taken apart.

The size of the helmet face pieces are nearly identical, taking into consideration the extremely old resin copy was taken from the outside of a formed helmet. The details of the French clay sculpt are deeper and more defined, purposely created knowing that .090 ABS will eventually be formed over it.


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