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Face Sculpt Samples

Please understand, this is a fan sculpt and not a licensed product. This is being presented for informational/educational purposes only and is done so to assist
members of the 501st in creating their own costumes.

I wanted to see a few photos of the face piece in the sculpting process.
There were actually very few photos taken while it was being sculpted which is why they're tagged differently. Still, it's very obvious
that the work was very nicely done.
Below are a few photos while in the sculpting process using what is called French Clay. This clay is extremely
difficult to work with but is very, very strong and is excellent for capturing smaller details. It is most commonly used
in the automotive industries and most artists do not care for it because of it's hardness.

The photo below shows the face piece with the added material where the excess ABS material
will be and also where the ABS cementing ridge will eventually be added.

Below is the nearly completed face sculpt. Once finished, it was skinned in silicone and then a hard
cast was created which was sanded and more details added such as narrowing the side tubes and adding the
raised bump (stunt helmet) in the right eye.
Apparently this created the perfect master sculpt to build both a hero face piece and also a stunt face piece,
depending upon the addition or removal of specific details.

Apparently one of the French clay sculpts had been sat upon a shelf and hasn't been touched in approx. 2 years. Here are a few photos of the sculpt,
of course, the clay has dried substantially and is cracking pretty badly. Still, for it's age, the sculpt is amazingly impressive and has withstood the test
of time. 
I might add, throughout the past two years it has been bumped and struck in several places, so it's a little rough looking.

Many of the details were either added or removed once a hard copy was created which could more
easily be handled without fear of being damaged.

The nose ridges on the hard copy from which the master was created were thinned down slightly to compensate for the thicker ABS material.

I've enjoyed these photos tremendously. You can see that although this clay sculpt is very old and is cracking, the lines and details
are incredibly sharp and wonderfully detailed.

In the below photos you can see where the front of the sculpt has probably been hit or struck while being stored but that's OK, I was fortunate to get the photos.



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