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Helmet Face Comparison

Here are a few photos comparing the helmet face from my previous suit to the helmet face in my most recent suit.
The helmet from my previous was extremely strong, very heavy duty but was just slightly larger in width, just slightly.
The face piece on the new helmet features the bump in the right eye and the detail is actually better, especially the nose bridge and nose.
My previous suit had a small nose cap which was going to be glued on, whereas my new suit has the nose piece molded into it.

I really like them both, each having their own unique character.

The helmet face piece on your left is the one which was included in my kit. The helmet
face piece on your right was my older helmet face piece.

The photo above is taken showing the inside of the helmet face pieces.
The helmet face piece on your left is the new piece which came with my kit and the
helmet face piece on your right was my older helmet face piece.
Inside views of both.

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