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It has been mentioned that a few builders are claiming the images on this site are their own product. Using similar acronyms or spelling, i.e., 'armour' instead of 'armor', or the letters M, T and or K instead of 'MyTKArmor'. Please be careful. If another builder is claiming these images as their product, please contact me for verification.


Forums & Too Much Talk

Alright, so I'm cynical, my opinion means absolutely  nothing and I'm OK with that.
My experience on forums has not been too terribly positive. I discovered that when something is asked or posted about armor and/or
recommendations, things quickly turn into a turbulent swarm of accusations, name calling, and 'he's better than him', and so on.
I grew tired of that very quickly.

What I did enjoy were the misc. assembly projects which are going on, but those were normally average fans enjoying the assembly
of their suits and costumes. I found their hints and tips quite interesting and informative.

I made my own decision based on seeing the quality first hand and not listening to idle banter.

My recommendation to you, do your homework and see the pieces first hand. Feel it, touch it, pick up each and every piece and examine the thickness
of the edges, the quality of the details and forming and look at the color and clarity of the finish.


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