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Fanatical Obsession vs Enjoyment & Practicality

Remember, this is just my own impression and feelings based on my personal experience, it's worth exactly bumpkiss!

Approx. 20 years ago when the first high quality armor kits became available at an affordable price, the 501st was started.
The level of outright enjoyment of being a 501st member surpassed the expectations of each and every member. The events were an outright fan-fest and well, a jolly good time was had by all. If your armor was good quality, you were accepted and the quantity of events and appearances began to grow. The club soon began expanding globally at an alarming rate and this was alright as convention fans loved each and every armor clad member. These were golden times for the 501st.

Management of the 501st was slowly handed down from the original founder to small groups of fans and a hierarchical structure began to form.

Slowly, as the club began to spread it's wings, more and more builders began producing armor, most of which was of questionable quality and many sets were copied from screen used re-casts. To promote their suits, the builders pushed the 501st to accept only armor which was more screen accurate and therein disallow any version which wasn't quite 100% canon.
This didn't work, so the 501st began to build different membership ranks, the highest ranks being assigned to suits meeting a specific requirement and build method.
This was most certainly acceptable as it helped to keep the 501st looking sharp and set a nice standard of quality.

What became very apparent was that a division was beginning to grow within the 501st, caused by the armor builders, each promoting their suit as the best and also by casting very negative aspersions upon anything which they did not build. Similar to a street market scene from an Indiana Jones film, everyone yelling that their armor is the best. The sound was deafening.

A few groups broke away from the 501st and began to operate independently, but overall, the club held together and worked in a beautiful symbiotic relationship with the studios.

Alright, you wonder where I'm going with this? I'll tell ya! It all comes down to two simple words: HAVE FUN!

The suit I most recently purchased is exceptionally canon and you can build this suit to any level you wish. A few other kits currently produced can also be assembled to meet the highest levels, kudos to them!

Before you begin building your suit, take a moment to reflect on exactly what you want to do with your suit and what your goal or motive was when you purchased.
Enjoy your build and enjoy your suit and if you don't have the time or funds to build your suit to some anally retentive level/rank of the 501st, then don't! Build your suit to whatever level or rank you desire and say to yourself, 'I'm here to have fun and not drive myself crazy with such obsessive details!'

I firmly believe that if I was to wear an actual screen used suit to a convention, one of the more arrogant and obsessive members of the 501st would completely pick it apart, explaining why it's not authentic. Yeah, it can get that bad and these individuals do exist. It's sad but funny at the same time, poor fellows! Kinda reminds me of the Saturday Night Live episode where William Shatner blows up at a fan during a ST convention and asks him if he'd ever kissed a girl. Hilarious!

On the flip side, if you have the time to build your kit to achieve a higher rank, knock yourself out and have a great time doing it. Just don't put down or criticize any fan who perhaps did not have the time or money to do the same.

Make sense? Sure it does!

Enjoy your armor, enjoy your project, and reflect on the exact reason why you wanted the armor to begin with. To me, appearing at conventions, visiting hospitals, working with the studios for special events such as book signings and premiers was the true reason. Watching some 40 year old man turn into a little kid right before your eyes is an incredibly inspiring experience, it's an outright kick!

I've never had a fan tell me that a rivet was approx. 1/4 inch off center or that my canvas belt was not assembled correctly. Relax. This is supposed to be enjoyable.

This needs to be a fun project and when completed, enjoy your suit and remember that the fans always take priority. Never lose sight of that concept.



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