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Calf Pieces

As in the case of the thigh pieces, the calf pieces included in this kit are extremely well designed and fit together incredibly well. The upper crowns of the piece are molded with great precision and vary slightly as with the originals but without changing the edges where the fit together. A brilliant job, very well done.

Due to a few requests from fans, we have changed the names of the pieces to make them easier to identify and also the application as some fans with slightly wider calves found it easier to use the deeper pulls for the outside. This is purely your choice however and we do not recommend one method over the other. Either way, you'll look terrific.

Above photo is the left calf set. It's difficult to tell in the photo, the piece to you right is slightly deeper.

Above photo is the right calf set, you can see that the armor piece on your left (the right outer) is slightly
deeper than the piece on your right (the right inner).

Above image is the Left Outer and Right Inner. The left outer is deeper.

Above Photo: These are the right outer and left inner calf piece. They look almost identical except the upper
molded edge on the left inner piece is slightly higher.
In the above photo the calf piece on your right is the left inner.
The calf piece for the right outer, is on your left. It's a bit confusing, sorry.
You'll notice that the calf piece for the right outer is much deeper.
Please remember, you can utilize the pieces to best suit your desired appearance.

The photo above and below show how these pieces fit together so perfectly. It's a great design.


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