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It has been mentioned that a few builders are claiming the images on this site are their own product. Using similar acronyms or spelling, i.e., 'armour' instead of 'armor', or the letters M, T and or K instead of 'MyTKArmor'. Please be careful. If another builder is claiming these images as their product, please contact me for verification.


Ask To See The Molds

Most builders of fan costumes do so in their garages, using inexpensive plaster molds or sometime resin. Some may spend a few dollars more and use epoxy tools.
Professional shops use aluminum tooling as this tooling not only lasts for thousands of pulls, but it's easy to weld, grind and polish, restoring any lost details from wear over
years of heavy use.

If you see the tooling from which your part is produced, pay close attention to the end regions of the main part. If the end of the mold is clean, machined and well defined, the mold was
probably created from a sculpted or CNC cut master pattern. If the ends of the molds are bumpy, lumpy or sloppy looking, this is indicative of someone who has taken a part and re-cast it by
quickly claying up the open areas and then pouring plaster or resin inside.

The mold pictured below is a perfect example of what you need to see. This is a CNC master production tool, created in aluminum.
You immediately notice the sharp details and precise machining.

Below are the two chest plate molds, one is slightly larger and the other original size.
This is why the armor is so sharp, crisp and refined.



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