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Armor Components Wrapping

Upper chest plate, upper back plate, abdomen plate, lower back plate and butt plate

Helmet face piece, dome, back piece, intercom side covers

Thigh set: Right outer, right inner, left inner, left outer

Calf set: Right outer, right inner, left inner, left outer

Shoulder bell set: Right and left

Flat green lens material with the wrapping and container tube

Green bubbled lens

Shipping tube with green lens material within

Helmet hard hat liner mounting clips

Helmet component bag: 2 pieces of helmet trim (brow and inner edge), ABS cement, hard hat liner,
liner mounting clips, custom aluminum HOVI's with stainless steel screens and hardware, kit nuts, bolts and washers,
bubbled green lens, flat green lens material

Helmet decal sets: 2 styles of helmet decals and 2 styles of vent rib decals

Biceps set: Right outer, right inner, left outer, left inner

Abdomen belt, thigh belt, 4 ABS cover strips, 2 abdomen belt screw cover sets

Abdomen center button plate and smaller rectangular button plate

Knee Pieces: One standard triangular and 2 diamond style sandy plates

Thigh drop box sets: 2 outer and 2 inner

Thermal Det. set: Gray ABS tube, 2 round outer caps, 1 center touch plate

Shoulder straps, 2 styles: 1 set of ribbed TK style and 1 set of custom smooth sandys

Hand plates: 1 set of cheese graters, 1 set of standard TK, 1 set of domed designed to be trim-to-fit

Forearm set: Right outer, right inner, left outer, left inner

Elastic straps with pre-sewn Velcro regions





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