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Abdomen Center Plates

2 Components

Here again, I can instantly see where an extremely beautiful part was the product of a gifted machinist. The details on these pieces are extremely sharp and very pronounced. I compared the button size on both pieces to photos and measurements supplied by other suit owners and the buttons on this suit are extremely accurate, measuring slightly under 7/16 inch. When painted and and included the base of the molded button being made, the size will be perfect.
The raised ridges on the parts are concise and crisp, not sloppy like most I have seen.
The parts are also slightly taller, which will allow for trimming as each builder sees fit and then final mounting. I like the extra material as this will allow for more customization and better fit and finish.

The three button on trimmable plate on the right is used for sandtrooper application.
The piece is carefully trimmed by assembler to fit and finish they desire and then
applied to the small, slightly slanted rectangular box on the left side (if wearing the suit)
of the abdomen plate.


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