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Abdomen Belt Comparison Photos

Here are a few photos of the abdomen power cell belt from my most recent kit and the one from my previous suit.
I really like them both but the belt with the most recent is much more authentic. Funny, it's also much simpler which shows a higher
degree of prop shop involvement and not a product designed by an actual military organization.


The belt at the top of the photo is from my previous suit. I really love it, as it utilized three small button-blocks to cover the
screws where it was attached to the abdomen plate.
The belt on the bottom is the most recent belt which arrived in my newest kit. Like the original style, there are not recessed regions to countersink the rectangular
button-blocks, but instead, there are small pieces include with the new kit which are cut out and then simpy cemented on top of the screws.
The molded button shape is just deep enough to easily cover the screw head.

You can see in the above photo that the newest belt, the one on the top, has slightly wider boxes which are spaced
just a tiny bit closer together.
There are three formed dimples in the belt where the screw holes can be drilled and used to secure to the abdomen plate.

In the above photo, the belt closest to you is the previous belt and the one in the background
is the most recent. In this photo you can see that the spacing on the new belt is very slightly
closer and also just slightly lower.

The belts are overlapped in this photo. The belt on your right is the newest belt
and the belt on the left is my previous belt.

The new belt's power cells are slightly wider, slightly shorter and not as tall.

Here the belts are placed atop one another. The belt on the top is the newest version

and the belt on the bottom is from previous kit.


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