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Abdomen Plate
3 button Sandy Strip

To help other builders, I've posted these images.

The abdomen belt is seen above. The small three button strip directly below the ab belt,

is the piece which is cut into three equal sized pieces which are cemented over

each mounting screw.

Above: The 4 button strip to the left is the piece used on standard TK style

suits, not for sandys. The plate in the center is also used for standard TK's, not for sandys.

The 3 button strip on the right, is the one which trimmed and used for sandys.

Below, you can see the three button sandy ab plate button plate which is

carefully trimmed to fit directly atop the small rectangle on the left side of the

abdomen plate. The piece should be trimmed to leave a small amount of the recessed

valley of the raised rectangle exposed. This piece looks marvelous when carefully aged!

Above you can see the three button ab plate placed next to the left rectangle.

Here you can see how the buttons are cleanly formed, very precise, with wonderful

definition and crisp detail.



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